Welcome to Season 2021

It is with pride that I welcome you to the Cove Football Club. We are a strong, proud club playing in the Southern Football League. The Cove Football Club is a family-orientated club, based in an ever-expanding region of southern Adelaide. This year our committee will represent a club membership base that we expect will expand to more than 800 individuals. Our ambition this season is to develop a winning culture; from our senior men and senior female's through to our junior and mini grades. Our ethos is to be competitive and live our vision to be a successful, inclusive destination club for everyone.

I would like to offer a special word of thanks to all our sponsors, particularly Statesman Windows who has been a long-held supporter of the club. We have exciting programs and projects which need funding and we always welcome sponsorship from companies who are aligned with our ethos and values. If you feel that your company could partner with us, then let us know. Email president@covefootballclub.com.au

We also have a number of legacy projects in the works for season 2021, including this new club website. We hope you find this website easy to navigate and enjoy having all your important football announcements in one place. We continue to work with the local governments and council to obtain grants to improve on facilities and the infrastructure of the club.

Finally, I would like to thank all of those unsung heroes of the club who give their time and services freely to our cause; be it, manning the BBQ or gate on a weekend or offering time and expertise to help the club. These acts of solidarity and commitment allow us to grow and develop. As a club, we are committed to developing The Cove Football Club into a football powerhouse in the long term and working with our community. I wish everyone another successful season. Have a great and satisfying season everyone!

Tony Kernahan Cove Football Club President

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